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Ovaries = Misery 
25th-Mar-2008 07:57 pm
So I've been in pain the last few days as if I've just had a radical hysterectomy and I'm bleeding as if I'd just strained my body too much after a horrible miscarriage.  I was actually absent from school yesterday for the first time in all of senior year.  And of course, it's always really awkward when people ask, "Why were you gone yesterday?"  And you tell them that you were sick, but then they ask, "What kind of sick?"  And then you tell them it's feminine woes and some of them will persist and continue to ask, "How heavy?"  And so then you just blurt out that twenty pads were used in one day alone and that the cramps are awful and they'll look at you with disgust and say, "Eww, TMI!"  And then I want to slap them, and it's not just b/c my hormones are out of whack. 

So I've been wondering what's really been wrong with my ovaries lately.  I mean, it's not normal to have a period twice a year, but that was my norm for the past 6 years so I went with it.  Of course, that probably wasn't a good thing but I didn't pay much attention to it.  Now I'm bleeding as if my ovaries have been shot or as if I was hitting menopause early.  Neither is true, but there's obviously something wrong.  Most like a hormonal imbalance more than anything else, but a minor cyst is always possible.  The major problem is that I CANNOT afford a doctor's trip nor do I have health insurance.  For some reason, I'm poor enough to where I can get a full ride from most colleges but not poor enough to get Medicare.  How does that make sense? 

So I was pondering what it would like to be barren and sterile and unable to produce children for the rest of my life out of sheer morbid curiosity and I've come to the conclusion that adoption is an excellent alternative.  I mean, seriously, why the fuck do we need more babies in the world?  Not to say there's anything wrong with babies, but we're getting really overpopulated here.  I mean, really.  With all of the stupid teens who get pregnant too early and the absolute lack of any sense of responsibility for most sexually active individuals, we've got a lot of unwanted children and it sucks ass to be them.  Seriously, if people aren't financially, emotionally, and psychologically capable of having children, they shouldn't because they raise them like shit, resulting in people who are then also full of shit b/c their parents indoctrinated them into the ways of shit and go on to produce more shitty people.  Granted, not all children do this, but the vast majority do.  Seriously, it's messed up.  If I were to adopt, I'd be able to make sure that I could provide for them in all ways possible (save for the obvious one), saving the world of a couple less miserable people who would then produce more miserable people. 

This has been a rant about bad parenting, the pain of possessing ovaries, and the absolute stupidity of the failing human race. 
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