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The Aftermath 
8th-Jun-2008 12:07 pm
So graduation came and went.  I watched my friends walk the stage and felt nothing but immense pride in each and every one of them.  I listened to their speeches and felt nothing but joy at hearing their families scream for their names. 

The partying that followed graduation both at Don Strange Ranch and at Nick's house is kind of a blur, one that passed by all too quickly with barely any sleep in between. 

Now it feels like summer's begun and all too soon I'm reminded of the friends that I'll be leaving behind.  There are so many thanks to say, and not enough time, and not enough room to say them in. 

Here's all the thanks I have to give to my fellow graduates.
Try to guess who you might be.

Thanks for always saying the right thing at the right time when I most need to hear it.
You've always been the one to remind me that people can always make it through ok.
Despite the distance, you've always been one of my closest friends.
It's people like you who keep society from falling completely into corruption.  Thank goodness for your innocence.
I'll never regret and never forget everything that happened between us.
Words can't describe a person as special as you.  Ignore your insecurities and know that you have always been loved.
Guys like you helped to destroy my first impression of men as being abusive, sexist, irresponsible pricks.  Thank you for that.
You're quite possibly one of the most beloved people in school.  I'm happy to have grown to love you too.
It's only been this past year that we've really gotten to talking to each other and yet I already owe you more than you could know.
Let's say that neither of us won the war, but we both won several battles.  I'm going to miss being on my guard.
I don't know why I went so long without getting to know you better.  I wish we had had more time to spend, but I'll always be grateful for what we shared in the time we had. 
It doesn't matter whose fault it was.  I'm just happy that we could reconcile and be friends from here on out.  I've always admired you and I wish you nothing but happiness.
You've changed me and I love the person you made me into and I love you for who I am when I'm with you.
Words can't express our love and our bond.  You will always be my soul mate.
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